The German working group AG ARK (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Amphibien- und Reptilienmedizin) subgroup of the DGHT e.V. (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetology und Terrarienkunde), has more than 500 members in Germa- ny, Austria and Switzerland with two annual conferences for up to 200 participants and several intensive seminars for students.

To honor our late founding member Dr. Frank Mutschmann who was an international known and very dedicated specialist on amphibian Medicine the Association decided to award an international price. 
The Dr.-Frank- Mutschmann-Award is given to the best paper on amphibian medicine published within the last 12 months.
A jury of veterinarians specialized in amphibian decides every autumn and the awarding is planned for the up- coming spring conference. The winner gets travel expenses to join this conference and is kindly asked to present the winning paper in English language. On top there will be a monetary price of 1000.- €.